How many times have you had to give a loaner car to a customer because one of your vendors missed a scheduled appointment? Or couldn’t get your car back in time to deliver it to your customer? Or didn’t have a runner to pick up your vehicle from the lot?


At ADC Mobile, WE DO ALL OF OUR WORK ON SITE – your vehicles never leave the lot, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your customer’s vehicles to risk with other vendors removing them from the lot or ruining CSI scores because they didn’t get the vehicle back when promised! 

Alternatively, we can also service your customer after the delivery by doing our work AT YOUR CUSTOMER’S LOCATION, ON THEIR SCHEDULE, saving your service staff time and your dealership the cost and hassle of having to arrange a loaner vehicle for the appointment!

We also employ online scheduling with Google Calendar so that all of our employees can schedule appointments,  allowing the entire staff to tell in real-time EXACTLY what the status of each appointment is. New appointments and updates to existing appointments generate notifications to mobile and desktop applications as well. Your service staff can see the same information in real-time, so they know when their vehicle will be done or has been completed.

Staying in constant contact allows us to react MUCH quicker to changes, helping us to help you keep your customer deliveries on time, your service staffs happy and your loaner fleets from being used as much!

Please call any of the numbers below to schedule an appointment, or if you would like to learn more about how your dealership can join us in online scheduling, please call Walt at 253-297-4570.

  • Tedd Williams: 253-948-8899
  • Ben Thompson: 253-880-4800
  • Walt Ottenad: 253-297-4570