Multi-Camera Interface for GM Vehicles – 7″ Screen



Completely plug and play with the factory entertainment system. Allows connection of up to four cameras to the factory screen, or use as an A/V input for up to three outboard sources!

Right and Left Blind spot camera inputs automatically triggered by the turn signals. Front camera (if connected) can trigger after vehicle is taken out of reverse for five seconds, insuring the coast is clear. Additional rear camera can monitor 5th wheel, trailer, etc.

NOTE: Requires vehicle be equipped with 7″ display radio Radio / HMI module combination (RPO Code I0B). Vehicles with 8″ screen (PRO code IO5 or IO6), or one-piece radio systems (4.2″) are not applicable – 8″ radios (RPO code I05 & I06)) require the ADVBSVGM7 module.

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