Drive customers back to your dealership with a custom branded experience!

With “My Branded App”, you can sell the ASCL6 module as as add-on to our remote start systems, turning your customer’s vehicle into a powerhouse that allows access from anywhere in the world there is cell phone service, letting them remote start the vehicle, turn on accessories, lock and unlock the doors, track the vehicle to give current location within inches, all while using the leading phone interface app that promotes YOUR DEALERSHIP – with your address, phone number, email, website and social media links all accessible with one click!

With your choice of dealership logo and background image, along with the image of the customer’s vehicle (most late model vehicles in factory colors are represented), the app looks and feels very polished, giving you an interface you can feel proud to present, and your branding is presented to the customer every time they use the app!

In addition, “My Branded App’ gives you the ability (once every 30 days) to send a direct notification to all of your customers with the app, allowing for a direct line of communication for any promotion you want to send!

The notification can be a short text message with an image or any link you wish, allowing basically unlimited information to be pushed to your installed base of customers, bringing them back for more sales opportunities or simply to reward them for their loyalty.

All dealership information is available – just a click away!

With “My Branded App”, you can add all of your dealership information:

  • Address
  • Hours of operation
  • Main phone number
  • Service phone number
  • Email address
  • Facebook page
  • Website

Each link will open in the customer’s browser, phone dialer, email app, etc., giving them direct access to your store directly from their device! No more worries about the customer forgetting where to call for service or parts!

Incredible accuracy allows GPS tracking to within inches!

The ASCL6 module functions not only as the interface to remote start, door lock & unlock, trunk release, sliding door operation, etc., but also allows incredible accuracy when used as a GPS tracking device!

With real-time access, the ASCL6 will give your customer the peace of mind that there vehicle is where they left it (it will even show which parking space it’s in), or in the case of a theft or unauthorized use, they can tell where the vehicle is located to allow law enforcement to locate the vehicle!

With this type of tracking available at negligible cost for service (the first year is FREE & only $29 per year thereafter), it makes a great finance product upsell.